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Company NameNippon CLIMAX Telecommunication Industry Inc.
Name of RepresentativePresident, HIDEKAZU KIMURA
Locations 152-41, Motosoja, Maebashi-city, Gunma, 371-0846 JAPAN
Tel.+81-27-251-2737, Fax.+81-27-251-4737
HP: e-mail:
Start a BusinessApril 15, 1996
EstablishmentMay 1, 2002
Employees5 persons
Dealings BankIO Bank, Moro branch
Ashikaga Bank, Maebashi branch
Gunma Bank, Maebashi north branch
Shinonome Bank, Maebashi branch
Japan Finance Corporation, Takasaki branch
Items of Business Network technical section
 Computer network A comprehensive design and construction.
 Development and construction of a network-type database system.
 Construction of a telecom infrastructure with DSL and an optical fiber network.
 Internet provider Technical support, a design, and maintenance.
 Kilala Internet access service Management.
 Offer business of the general Meteorological Agency on-line weather data.

Work technical section
 Broadcast technical support and cooperation.
 A broadcast program and CM-VP-DVD-CD Inclusion and edit synthesis work.
 PA and lighting Production coordination.
 An advertising thing, a printing publication, and Web system A design and work.

Construction manufacturing department
 Broadcast operating apparatus and image audio equipment system A design and construction.
 Electricity and telephone / communication equipment construction design and construction / maintenance management.
 A design and manufacture of Cli Network Server.
 A special order electric device design and manufacture.

Overseas transaction section
 The joint research, import, wholesale in Japan, and selling business of the TAIWAN City-Net Technology product.
 Import, the Japan wholesale, and selling business of the TAIWAN Mapower product.
 Export-and-import business of a computer, related apparatus, related parts, and an electric device.
 Procedure, and wholesale and selling business of an overseas Internet domain.
 The export-and-import business, domestic wholesale, and selling business of a miscellaneous-goods article, food, and agricultural products.

Photovoltaic power station section
 Operation in photovoltaic power station.

Virtual currency section
 Practical use and security support service of a virtual currency.

CLI R&D Laboratories
 Trust and technical support of research-and-development business.
 Electron, Information, and Communication technical research development.
 Technical research corresponding to a cybercrime and support.
 Marketing of product development and store deployment, and consulting.
 Support of virtual currency technology.
Qualification Technical relation
 The 2nd sort of the 1st sort analog of construction charge person digital.
 1st land special radio.
 The second sort electricity construction.
 The fourth kind of the dangerous thief treatment person second category.

Operating relation
 General type II carrier.
 Macrovision company DVD approval authoring institution.
 The Gumma competitive bid participating qualification.
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